Clear Express

Clear Express™

  • 1 -5 Invisible Tray system
  • Aligns the 4 anterior teeth
  • Minor IPR needed to create space to align teeth
  • No case is too small
  • Pay per tray system
  • Correct minor relapse and rotations

What you will receive:

  • Complete set of trays to finish the case
  • IPR Guide
  • Individual Tooth Movement Guide
  • Final 3D Printed Model

Clear Express is an excellent alternative for patients that would like to have their upper or lower four anterior teeth aligned. Many of these patients have had minor relapse from previous Orthodontic Treatment or only need minor corrections to obtain the smile they’ve always wanted.

Clear Express consists of an Invisible Tray System (one to five stages) that moves the teeth incrementally until they are straight and aligned. Minor IPR may be needed to achieve the desired movement. Each case includes a Free IPR and Movement Guide. The IPR Guide lets you know where to slenderize and how much each tooth was reduced to get the final result. You will also see how much each tooth was moved.


Please send us a set of Upper and Lower Working models or PVS impressions along with a completed Prescription Sheet. You can also send us Intra-Oral Scans by uploading them to the 3D Portal on our website.

If you’d like an estimate of the number of trays that will be needed or would like to ensure your patient is a good candidate for Clear Express, write “FREE EVALUATION” on the Prescription Sheet. When we receive the case, one of our Expert Technicians will contact you to review the case and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about our Clear Express System, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Experts at: (800) 325-8921 or

Download our Brochure (PDF)