Clear Force

Give your patients the smile they deserve, are asking for, and can afford with Clear Force!

Highlights of the Clear Force System

  • Provides a more comprehensive system than our Clear Express system
  • Corrects larger amounts of crowding and rotations than with other systems
  • Allows you to treat more patients due to the affordable cost structure
  • Most cases average 12-16 trays per arch

How to get started

Please send us upper and lower digital scans, working models or PVS impressions along with a completed Prescription Sheet. If you would like us to screen the case to see if it would be a good candidate for Clear Force or you have any questions about the system, write “FREE CONSULTATION” on the prescription sheet. When we receive the case, one of our Expert Technicians will contact you to review the case and answer any questions you may have.

What You Will Receive with Each Case

  • Attachment template if attachments are required
  • All of the trays needed to complete the case
  • Video showing tooth movement as the patient progresses through the trays
  • Smile Summary with an IPR guide and movement chart
  • Clear Force Retainer Case for easy storage