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Expert Case Problem Solvers

We don’t just fabricate and sell appliances, we personally work with you on each and every case to ensure your complete satisfaction. We will take the time to understand your case and provide you with all of the expertise, advice and customizing you will require.

The Ohlendorf family understands the importance of expert service, case accuracy and on time delivery. Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory has heavily invested in expert personnel and the latest technology to ensure your every case will be exactly as prescribed and delivered on time.

Please give us a call to experience how we will personally make a difference with your next case!


  • Complete Orthodontic Records Package

    Comprehensive Orthodontic Cases require a full set of records, and our Orthodontic Records Package is an excellent service that provides everything you need to develop a treatment plan and present the case to the patient. This Package can be Digital or Traditional and it includes:

    1. Set of Display Models
    2. Cephalometric Tracing
    3. Cephalometric Analysis
    4. Model Analysis
    5. Individual Patient Folder

    We can also include an Appliance Review Letter if you request it. This letter includes:

    1. Additional information from the Cephalometric Tracing
    2. Observations about the models
    3. Crowding Evaluation
    4. Appliance Sequencing Suggestions
    5. Appliance Design Alternatives

    If you are treating Orthodontic Cases, our Complete Orthodontic Records Package is a great way to have your records fabricated and returned to you for you to review. It will reduce the amount of work for both you and your staff. Your patients will be impressed with the professional records that you are presenting them.

  • Model Review Program

    Not all cases require full records. Appliance Therapy can be used in many cases to treat specific issues or problems. There are many options and ways to treat cases, and we can assist you with these cases. Please send us a set of working models along with notes about the issues you want to correct, and one of our Expert Technical Support Technicians will contact you to review the case. We can assist you with:

    1. Appliance Design Options
    2. Appliance Adjustments
    3. Treatment Alternatives
    4. Solutions to your patient’s needs
    5. On going cases

    There is never a charge for this type of consultation. Our Support Team is always available to answer your questions. When you send us a case to review, you can be assured we will have the answers you need to provide your patient the solution they are asking you for. If additional information is needed to answer your questions, we will let you know.

  • Email Review Program

    Some doctors have simple questions or need a quick screening solution. Email is perfect for many types of reviews. All you need to do is take a couple pictures of a set of models or an actual patient and email them to Al at Al@OhlendorfApplianceLab.com. Please include your questions or the information you are looking for, and he will email you back right away.

    This is a great service if you have a patient in treatment and have a question about the case and how it is progressing. Many doctors are just exploring the possibilities of Appliance Therapy to determine if there are any options at all. A quick email can provide you basic information to decide if you would like to proceed or not. We will let you know what will be needed to move to the next step or what we need to provide you additional information.

  • Phone Consultation

    Often times you or your staff may have a general question or need a quick review to help you with a case. We are available to be your “go to” resource any time you have a question. Our staff and Expert Technical Support Team are sitting by the phone waiting for your call. Please call us at 1-800-325-8921 any time you need assistance.

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