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Removable Appliance

When you send in a case for a removable appliance, we prefer that you send in upper and lower working models and a bite. The bite should be taken in the patient’s normal occlusion. This will help us prevent any occlusal interferences when we are fabricating the appliance. We can check to make sure that the patient isn’t biting on the wires. It is also helpful to let us know if the patient will be losing any deciduous teeth in the next couple of months. The loss of the teeth can affect the design of the appliance. We don’t want to clasp a tooth that will be lost next month. This reduces retention and can affect the fit of the appliance.

If you want occlucal coverage or an anterior bite plane, we will need to send a specific bite. The bite should reflect the vertical that you want and the mandibular position you want to achieve. We have an excellent technical bulletin on how to take these types of bites. It will show you the steps to take, so the appliance will fit without having to adjust the acrylic when you seat the appliance. Look for it under the Educational Information Tab on the home page.

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