About Us


In 1933, Howard Ohlendorf began working at a small orthodontic laboratory in St. Louis, Missouri. The business began growing and within a couple of years he was able to purchase the business from the owner. In the early 70’s his son Mark Ohlendorf joined the Ohlendorf Laboratory — and in 1995 Mark’s son, Kevin began his career in the “family business.” In 2013, Kevin purchased the laboratory from Mark and established the 3rd generation ownership. Generation to generation, we have grown this business from a one-technician laboratory to its current size by providing personal service, the highest quality appliances and expert technical support. Over our 80 year history we have seen the industry change in many ways and our Laboratory has always been on the cutting edge. In the beginning the majority of our business was fabricating custom bands for each individual tooth so “braces” could be used. In the 70’s and 80’s we were at the fore front of the introduction of Functional Appliances in the United States. Today we continue to lead the industry with the introduction and development of 3D Technology and CAD/CAM Appliance fabrication. Over the years different techniques, appliances and materials have been introduced and changed concept of Appliance Therapy. We are excited to grow along with you and your practice as the industry changes and develop. While the industry changes, one thing remains the same: Our commitment to providing you with the highest level of technical support, case consultations and appliance design options. This company was built on a tradition and a promise to our customers: You can contact us whenever you have a question about an appliance or a case, and we will provide you the answers that you need. The Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory continues this pledge today and will pass it along to the generations that follow.


Since 1933, Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory (OAL) has been a leader in the dental industry. We are a full service Appliance Therapy lab offering the finest specialized and individually fabricated dental appliances. Being a family owned, third generation business the Ohlendorf family understands the importance of our clients with complete case solutions. OAL has heavily invested in expert personnel and the latest technology to ensure your every case will be exactly as prescribed and delivered on time. Our full service lab serves all 50 states and is centrally located in St. Louis, MO. Our staff attends hundreds of hours of Continuing Education Programs each year centered around Appliance Therapy, so we can stay up to date on the latest technology, techniques, and trends in the industry. Our Expert Technical Support Staff can answer your questions with the most current information that is available. Please give us a call to experience how we will personally make a difference with your next case!


Every day we get phone calls and emails from Doctors and staff members with questions about:

  • Appliance Options
  • How to design an Appliance
  • Appliance Adjustments
  • Questions about ongoing cases
  • Solutions for patient’s needs

We are very happy to take your calls and answer your questions. Many offices are pleasantly surprised by our level of support. If you ever need assistance or have a question, please contact us first. Our Expert Support Technicians are standing by to provide solutions any problems or questions you may have. WE WELCOME YOUR CALLS AND EMAILS.

Kevin Ohlendorf

Kevin Ohlendorf Kevin@OhlendorfApplianceLab.com President & Owner – 20 years of experience It has been an honor to be part of our family business that I have grown up in my entire life. I am committed to carrying on the vision my Grandfather and Father started over 80 years ago. Our mission is to assist dentists in any way that we can to provide solutions that will benefit their patients. We want to be a resource for you and your staff to assist your office and provide you the tools and information that you need to deliver excellent care that your patients deserve.

Mark Ohlendorf

Mark Ohlendorf – Master CDT –  45 years of experience Over the years the Laboratory Business has changed in some ways, but in many ways it has remained the same. Our customers have always been able to rely on us for the highest quality appliances that fit correctly the first time and arrive in your office on time. It is my legacy to make sure we continue this tradition now and in the future.

Al Santoscoy

Al Santoscoy – Al@OhlendorfApplianceLab.com Director of Midwest Operations – 16 years of experience I specialize in providing expert guidance and options you may need in choosing the best treatment solution for your patients. We are the industry leader in providing support and advice and this comes with every case you send to us. If you have a technical question or need any assistance with Appliance Therapy, Supplies or Diagnostics, please call me directly at 1-800-325-8921. My job is to answer your questions and help you any way that I can. I attend hundreds of hours of Continuing Education Courses each year to stay current on the latest techniques and appliances that are being taught and used. You can tap into this experience and education by giving me a call.

Chris Dale

Chris Dale – Chris@OhlendorfApplianceLab.com Director of Sales and Marketing – 4 years of experience Our laboratory fabricates hundreds of different appliances for all aspects of Dentistry. My job is to help educate you about all the different appliances that we fabricate and services that we provide. We want to be the first lab that comes to your mind any time you need to have an appliance made. Your account is very important to us, and I am dedicated to making sure you are happy every time you and your staff interact with us.