Removable Retainers

Removable Retainers

Fixed and Removable Retainers Are Used to Maintain and Hold Teeth In Their New Positions After Orthodontic Treatment, Invisalign or Minor Tooth Movement

Your Essential Removable Dental Appliance Resource

Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory understands the importance of properly fitting, promptly available removable dental appliances. When you reach the phase of dental correction that requires ongoing maintenance, you need to have access to removable appliance therapy within a firm timeframe to ensure your patients continued success and protected investment. Whether you require Hawley retainers, Wrap Around retainers, Clear Bow retainers, we have the removable dental appliance you need.

Removable Appliance Therapy We Offer:

Upper Hawley Retainers #1160

The most popular Upper Final Retainer we fabricate. It includes a ball clasp on each side and a labial bow wire.

Lower Hawley Retainers #1160

The most popular Upper Final Retainer we fabricate. It includes a ball clasp on each side and a labial bow wire.

Clear Bow Retainer #1171

This esthetic alternative uses a round strip of clear durable material to contour to the facial of the anterior teeth. The material is thinner and can be bent slightly.

Wrap Around Retainer / Hawley #1172

This version of a Hawley Retainer does not have any wires crossing the occlusion. It will allow the posterior teeth to settle.

Sure Hold Retainer #1173

Clear Acrylic is placed over the labial bow to lock the anteriors from the facial. Great option to hold teeth that were severely rotated before treatment.

Clear Hold Essix Retainer #1116

A clear/Invisible retainer is the most esthetic option available. They are fabricated with the highest quality material to last longer and resist staining. We use a BioStar positive pressure thermal forming machine to achieve a superior fitting appliance.

Choosing The Right Removable Retainer

When it comes to choosing the right removable retainer for your patients, consider the following information. We offer high quality removable retainer options with fast turnaround times to ensure the success of your patients. Our 4 main categories include:

  • Removable Hawley Retainers: Our Removable Hawley Retainers provide durable and traditional retention solutions.
  • Wrap Around Retainer: The Wrap Around Retainer offers a comfortable fit and effective tooth stabilization.
  • Clear Bow Retainer: Opt for the Clear Bow Retainer for a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option.

Get Started with Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory Today

Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory makes ordering your high quality removable retainers easy. Provide your patients the best removable dental appliances available backed by dependable customer service and satisfaction guarantees. We work with you to ensure an accurate fit for the comfort of your patient, and to achieve the desired end result. Contact us today for more information, or get started here:

Tips for the Best Fitting Removable Retainers

  1. All Orthodontic Retainers whether fixed or removable can be made on the Upper and/or Lower Arch
  2. All Acrylic Removable Retainers can be made with different Acrylic Colors and Designs – Call us for a free Color Chart or you can click here to download one.
  3. All Removable Retainers can be made to fit over Fixed Lingual Bonded Retainers for extra protection and holding capabilities.
  4. You can send you models, PVS impressions or Digital Scans with brackets and bands still in place. We will remove them before we fabricate your removable retainer.
  5. In order to prevent relapse, do not remove the bands and brackets until you have a retainer to place at the same time. If you take everything off and then take your impressions for retainers, the arches may relapse causing the retainers not to fit.
  6. The best procedure for taking an impression with the bands and brackets still on:
    • Remove the arch wire
    • Take the impression
    • Put the same arch wire back on so nothing changes while the retainer is being fabricated
    • Send us models, PVS impressions or digital scans with the bands and brackets still in place.
    • We will remove the bands and brackets from the models before we fabricate any retainers.
    • Once you receive the retainers back from us, remove the bands and brackets and place the retainers at the same time.