Dental and Orthodontic Appliances

Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory fabricates a complete selection of dental appliances and orthodontic appliances that can benefit your patient in all aspects of dentistry. All of our orthodontic and dental appliances include customized treatment solutions, case consultation and expert appliance design options.

Whether you need dental and orthodontic appliances for preventative treatment to preserve space in the arch for the permanent teeth to erupt in their correct position, or fixed retainers to maintain and hold teeth in their new positions after orthodontic treatment, we have solutions for every step of the process.

Dental Appliances We Provide

Final Retainers:

Orthodontic Appliances and Arch Development:

Other Dental Appliance Solutions:

  • Cross Bite Correction
  • Sleep Appliances
  • Minor Tooth Movement and Relapse Correction
  • Orthodontic Records
  • Other Specialty Appliances

Work With Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory

Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory is on the cutting edge of new technologies bringing new innovations to the marketplace and providing you with cost and time saving ways to grow your practice. Our lab provides everything you need to fully serve your dental and orthopedic practice with state of the art equipment, and experienced caring technicians. 

Please give us a call at 1-800-325-8921 or contact us today to experience how we will personally make a difference with your next case!