Groper Appliance for Pediatric Spacing

Groper Appliance for Pediatric Spacing

Upper Bilateral Anterior Space Maintainer

Groper Pedo Partial #4310

Upper Bilateral Anterior Space Maintainer. Hold space for missing anterior teeth and improve esthetics.

Renowned for its aesthetic appeal, durability, and longevity during a child's dynamic growth phase, the Groper Appliance stands out as a preferred choice for early intervention and alignment correction. Originally conceived by a pediatric specialist with young patients in mind, this innovative appliance effectively preserves space resulting from premature loss of primary anterior teeth. Not only does the Groper Appliance offer a distinctive and pleasing look, but it also plays a vital role in sustaining arch length and averting molar tipping in both mesial and lingual directions.

Product Overview:

At Ohlendorf, we offer the Groper Pedo Partial #4310, a specialized dental appliance meticulously crafted to hold space in the upper arch for missing anterior teeth. By providing gentle and effective space maintenance, the Groper Appliance supports proper tooth alignment and development, promoting optimal oral health outcomes.

Key Features of a Groper Appliance:

  • Bilateral Anterior Space Maintenance: This partial denture is specifically engineered to address missing anterior teeth on both sides of the upper arch, ensuring symmetrical support and esthetic enhancement.
  • Esthetic Improvement: The Groper Appliance not only preserves space but also contributes to enhancing the overall esthetics of the smile, promoting confidence and comfort for the patient.
  • Custom Craftsmanship: Each space maintainer is meticulously fabricated by our skilled technicians at Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory, utilizing quality materials and precise techniques to ensure a perfect fit and function.

Groper Appliance Benefits:

  • Space Preservation: Groper Appliances prevent drifting or tipping of adjacent teeth, maintaining adequate space for permanent tooth eruption.
  • Enhanced Esthetics: Improves the appearance of the dental arch by filling gaps and supporting a harmonious smile.
  • Functional Support: Facilitates proper speech, chewing, and overall oral function while promoting natural dental alignment.

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At Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier dental appliances tailored to meet the unique needs of clinicians and their patients. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and precision, we strive to elevate the standard of dental care through our products and services.

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