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Habit Correction Appliances

Finger, tongue and other oral habits can cause serious malocclusions if they are not corrected early. the following appliances can help break these habits.




Thumb/Finger Sucking Habit Breaking Appliance. This is the least intrusive appliance and easiest for the patient to wear and tolerate. Ideal for patients that want to quit, but need a reminder to help them.

Habit Correction Crib Appliance


Used for: Thumb/Finger Sucking and/or Tongue Thrusting. Thumb/Finger Sucking: More aggressive than the Blue Grass. It blocks the thumb/finger, so the patient can’t suck them.
Tongue Thrust: The crib acts as a barrier to prevent the tongue from thrusting forward and help guide it into the palate where it belongs.

Hay Rake Dental Appliance


Thumb/Finger Sucking Habit Breaking Appliances. This is the most aggressive appliance to prevent Thumb/Finger Sucking. Prongs are added to this appliance to make it as uncomfortable as possible when the patient tries to suck their thumb/finger.

Limp Bumper Dental Appliance


Lower Appliance to prevent the patient from sucking or biting their lower lip. Keeping the lip off the lower anteriors will allow them to flare forward naturally. The lip bumper is removable but can be tied in place if it needs to be fixed.

Myofunctional Bead Dental HabitAppliance


Tongue Retraining Appliance to prevent tongue thrusting. The patient should spin the bead 2 hours per day to promote proper tongue posture

Fixed Expander With Loops Habit Correction Dental Appliance


Habit Loops can be added to an expansion appliance so you can expand and break a Tongue or Thumb/Finger Habit at the same time. Expansion creates more room for the tongue to allow it to function properly.

Removable Habit Correction Dental Appliance


Habit Loops can be added to any removable appliance. This appliance acts as a reminder to help break the habit with cooperative patients. It is a great option for patients to wear while they sleep to break a Tongue or Thumb/Finger Habit


  1. It is very important to always send us an opposing model whenever you have a Habit Appliance made to make sure the appliance does not interfere with the Occlusion or the Lower Arch.
  2. Inspect the Permanent 1st Molars to make sure they have erupted enough to band and the tissue is not covering the distal of the molar.
  3. If there is a concern with the 1st Molars, you may want to consider banding the 2nd deciduous molar instead.
  4. You can fit your own bands or we can provide them for you whichever you prefer
  5. If you want to fit your own bands, please do not pour them in the impression. Send the bands loose with the model or impression in a plastic bag. We will place the band in the proper position and then fabricate the appliance
  6. If you are not sure which Habit Appliance is best for your patient, write “CALL ME” on the prescription sheet and our of our Expert Technical Support Team Members will contact you to answer your questions and provide you the information you need to design the most effective Appliance for your patient.
  7. Habit Appliances should remain in place for at least 6 months to make sure the habit is completely corrected and stopped.
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