Essix Retainers

Essix Retainers

Essix retainers/Clear Hold Retainers from Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory are a type of invisible retainers made from a clear, durable plastic material designed to snugly fit the contours of the patient’s teeth. Unlike traditional metal retainers, the Essix appliance is less noticeable, making it a popular choice for those who value aesthetics alongside functionality. After completing orthodontic treatment, a Clear Hold Retainer helps maintain the alignment of teeth, preventing them from gradually shifting back to their original positions. Its advantages include minimal impact on speaking, ease of cleaning, and a discreet appearance that appeals to patients of all ages.


Clear Hold Retainers / Essix Retainer Features

Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory offers two main options for ordering your Clear Hold Retainer. You can provide your patients with the option to purchase their Essix appliance individually, or as a package. When purchased as a package, you will receive a discount that you can utilize for additional profit, or as a way to pass on savings to your patients. Our Clear Hold/Essix Retainers have unique features that your patients will appreciate including:

  • Worn on the upper and/or lower arch
  • Fabricated on a BioStar machine for superior fit
  • High quality material that last longer and resist staining
  • Fit over a fixed lingual bonded retainer
Additional Benefits of ordering our Clear Hold Retainer package include:

Invisible Type of Essix Retainer

  • 2 sets of Upper Clear Hold Retainers
  • 2 sets of Lower Clear Hold Retainers
  • A set of Upper and Lower 3D printed models

*Order your retainers as a package and save 50% off our individual retail price.

Why Choose An Essix Appliance?

Our Clear Hold Essix retainers not only enhance your smile, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining it post orthodontic treatment. They help to keep teeth in their new position, preventing them from shifting back to their original spots. Experience minimal impact on speech, ease of cleaning, and a subtle look that appeals to all ages. Plus, Clear Hold Retainers offer a superior fit thanks to fabrication on a BioStar machine and their ability to resist staining bring value that truly lasts.

Our Guarantee To You:

  • If you need assistance, you can talk directly to one of our experienced technicians at our Lab in St. Louis about your case
  • We will never sell to the public directly
  • You will receive the same high quality personal service no matter how big or small your account is with us
  • Our pricing structure makes our services more reasonable than other companies so more of your patients can afford to have the beautiful smile they deserve

If you have questions about a case or need assistance, please call our Appliance HotLine at 1-800-325-8921 or contact us by filling out a simple form. We will answer your questions and provide the excellent Technical Support you are accustomed to at the Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory.