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Orthodontic Records

One of our most popular services is the Complete Orthodontic Records Package. Get your Orthodontic cases started in the right direction by using this service to put together your records. You will receive everything you need to develop a treatment plan and present the case to your patients. Your patients will be impressed by the professional look of this package and your case acceptance rate should improve.

We offer two different Packages:
  1. TRADITIONAL Package Includes:
    • Acrylic Finished Display Models
    • Hand Traced Cephalometric X-ray
    • Completed Cephalometric Analysis
    • Model Analysis
    • Individual Patient Folder
  2. DIGITAL Package Includes:
    • Digital Display Models- Free Viewing Software Included
    • Computerized Cephalometric Tracing
    • Computerized Cephalometric Analysis
    • Computerized Model Analysis

Regardless of which package you choose, you may want to include an Appliance Review Letter with the case. This letter includes:

  • Additional Information from the Cephalometric Tracing
  • Observations about the models
  • Crowding Evaluation
  • Appliance Design Options
  • Appliance Sequencing Suggestions

The Appliance Review Letter does not automatically come with your Orthodontic Records Package. You will need to request it when you send in your case.


If you do not want the Complete Orthodontic Records Package, we can fabricate just the Display Models for you or just trace your Cephalometric X-rays. We offer all the major Tracings and Analyses such as:

  • USDI
  • IAO

If you are using another Analysis, please let us know. We can do any type you prefer.


You have a couple of different options that you can choose to send us the x-ray.

  1. If you are taking film x-rays, just send us the x-ray. You can mail it in an envelope separately from the impressions. If you do, indicate that you are sending it separately, and we will match up everything at the lab when we receive it. We do have boxes that will hold the x-ray and the impressions. If you need one, just let us know that you need some “Ceph Boxes” and we will get them right out to you.
  2. If you are taking digital x-rays, you have a couple different options. You can email the x-ray to us at xrays@OhlendorfApplianceLab.com, save the x-ray to a disk and mail it to us, or you can print the x-ray and mail the print out to us. We do not have a preference how you send it to us. Whatever works best for you and your staff is great.

In order for us to fabricate the Acrylic Finished Display Models we prefer you send us impressions. You can send wet impressions, but you will need to wrap them in a wet paper towel and place them in a zip lock bag. We are not making any appliances from these impressions, so if there is any distortion, it will not affect look of the models. You can send PVS impressions if you are concerned about alginate impressions. You can send working models, but there is an additional charge to turn them into impressions so we can make the Display Models. Please include a bite taken in the patient’s normal occlusion, so we can get the models to articulate in the patient’s true bite.


In order for us to fabricate Digital Study Models we prefer you send us working models. You can send impressions, but there is a fee to pour them up, so we can scan them to create Digital Study Models. You do not need to trim the bases. We will create Virtual Bases according to the correct Orthodontic Trimming Angles.

With your first case we will send you Free Viewing Software and Complete Instructions on how to:

  • Install the software
  • Download the models
  • View the models
  • Measure the arches
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